Our history

Medimpex Trading House was established in 1949 as a public company specialising in the export and import of Hungarian medicinal products. Until the 80s it worked as an independent company of foreign trade in medicinal products.

By the end of 1982 and by the involvement of the starting material supplier and stockpiling company of the pharmaceutical industry it was converted into the joint company of the six largest Hungarian pharmaceutical works, i.e. the Alkaloida, Biogal, Chinoin, Egis, Reanal, and Richter Gedeon, as well as of the Pharmatrade Foreign Trade Company.

Simultaneously with this conversion and by adapting to the changing economic conditions, Medimpex, working first as a limited liability company from the beginning of the 90s, then as a joint-stock company by the end of 1991, has made good use of the talents of its employees having significant professional knowledge and working at its foreign subsidiary companies and offices within its market network built in Hungary as well as all over the world.

From 1996 onwards Medimpex has underwent again several major organisational conversions because the parent company has established three domestic subsidiary companies, and the companies and offices operated abroad have been taken over to the direct management of the former owners. Medimpex Trade Close Co.Ltd. being the parent company has become the property of Egis Plc. With this reorganisation the proprietary structure has become simpler and the operation of the individual business lines has become more efficient.

The company is characterised by continuously stable and successful management ever since.

Trading with healthcare products of the wider sense – e.g. surgical instruments, therapeutical equipments, cosmetoceuticals, vitamin preparations – has been commenced during these years. The warehouse basis providing modern storage possibilities has further strengthened our broad contractual partner relations.

The export-import activity and the closely attached services form the foundation of the present-day successful business activity of Medimpex Trade Close Co.Ltd.