Who we are

Medimpex currently defines itself as an open trading house by building upon its trading knowledge and relations accumulated since its establishment in 1949, as well as upon its decades of routine. As a modern trading house it carries out open trading activity in both domestic and foreign dimensions. Its partners are companies valuing trustworthiness and stability.

Medimpex has a great deal of experience in the marketing of delicate products representing high quality and significant value added as well as in the marketing of products falling under strict market legislation.

The current profile of Medimpex has developed in the 90s when it started to market a broad range of healthcare products including surgical instruments, therapeutical equipments, cosmetoceuticals and vitamin preparations. Its warehouse basis is suitable for the storage of products of delicate nature and of large quantity.

From its establishment to the end of the 80s, Medimpex worked as a foreign trade company. By the 90 it had presence in Western and Eastern Europe, America, and Asia. The company’s culture is still infiltrated by the tradition of the international trading practice.