The Medimpex Logistics Park

The Medimpex Logistics Park covering 8.5 hectares is a location of extraordinary potentials in the area of Budapest.

It is located in the Northern part of Budapest; it can be easily accessed by road traffic, it is near to the M0 ringroad and to the M3 and M2 motorways.

It has its own railway access, which is currently extremely rare in Budapest.

The area is especially suitable for the following purposes:

  • storage of liquid chemicals, primarily solvents (SEVESO lower tier classification)
  • parking of commercial motor vehicles on solid pavement covering 11 thousand square meters
  • storage of medicinal products and psychotropic substances
  • receiving products requiring transportation by rail
  • contract warehousing

 General characteristics:

  • the Internet is accessible through optical cables
  • all public utilities are built up at the real estate, separated measurement of public utility consumptions is provided
  • the site is equipped with property protection and fire-alarm systems
  • surveillance cameras and motion sensors are installed, and a 24 hours guard duty is operated
  • the area is subjected to continuous environmental monitoring