Container park

The Medimpex Logistics Park has excellent possibilities for container storage. The capacity of our container park consisting of 18 containers shall be considered as exceptional within Budapest, the capital.

Through its draw off station it is also suitable for the handling of liquid products. The preparation for road or rail transportation, as well as the draw off and repeated draw off, storage and preparation for transportation of the products can be carried out on the spot.

We can store solvents in 18 underground carbon steel containers of 100 m3 and in IBC container of 1 m3 in an area of ~1,700 m2 provided with a salvage tank, as well as in standard drums.

The site also provides the possibility for manipulation activities.

Manipulations with the substances are carried out with mobile and fixed explosion-proof pumps, and we can measure the weights of the substances with certified flowmeters, as well as with certified balances, which can be used up to 1.5 tons.