Our offices

  • Medimpex Office Building
  • New Medimpex Office Building (Egis Trading House)

We offer offices to let in a friendly atmosphere and a sparkling intellectual environment in the proximity of the city centre.

The air conditioned rooms provided with Internet access satisfy modern demands.

The building is protected by a 24 hours security service.

The buffet located on the ground floor also serves the comfort of our leaseholders.

The leaseholders of the office building are companies providing intellectual services, e.g. law firm, service provider of the energetics sector, tax adviser, as well as the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. Satisfaction of our partners is indicated by our stable structure of leaseholders being unchanged for years.

The lessor follows a flexible lease policy: the lessor thinks along with its leaseholders, takes into consideration their needs considering both the duration and the lease construction itself.


Egis Pharmaceuticals Plc. is the permanent leaseholder of the New Medimpex Office Building. The office building is leased in 100%.